Why the Star? – Alexandra Tylee

Lots of people have been asking “Why the Star?”
Alexandra explains:

“I have always loved the star Sirius as it is the brightest star in the night sky. It becomes visible late at night, but it’s often at its brightest at dawn when it can be seen close to the horizon.

Sirius has meant lots of things to different people over the years, even the Ancient Egyptians identified it with some of their Gods and Goddesses.

For me it feels like a symbol of hope and represents the power, beauty and mystery of nature. So, when we were thinking about a symbol for Project Do Less, this star seemed like the obvious choice.

I realise the five-pointed star has been used a lot over the years, but that does not take away from the power of its symbolism.

We hope that the Project Do LESS star will come to represent hope. A way to move forward. And that huge power will be realised when we all come together and take action to move towards a better greener collective future.” 💗