We Believe

We believe that BrightStar can encourage humanity to find that place in themselves to rise up in the face of this enormous climate change challenge. Not just to succeed, but to thrive. Not just for the future of our world, but also to preserve and protect our past.

Every little thing we do will make an overall difference

Positive change will only happen when everyone takes action. We believe that if you commit to making one little change at a time, it will have a big impact overall.

If we all work together we will have more impact globally

BrightStar will create a community of people who want to know what they can do to make positive change. We will share our knowledge and progress and challenge the people in our lives to do the same.

Important change doesn’t happen overnight

Change must come from within first, and then we must stay strong and determined. We stay focused on why we care and the things that we can change.

Become a BrightStar ambassador, and have the opportunity to be part of a passionate, meaningful, social movement to help us to combat what is surely the biggest challenge the human race has ever had to face.

Your world needs your help.

BrightStar Values

Our values are precious. They guide and shape us to remain focused on what we are doing and why we are doing it. Our BrightStar ambassadors live and breathe these values too.


We all need to take personal responsibility for creating positive change in our own lives


Speak for those that don’t have a voice; trees, water, small children, animals, the arts


Change doesn’t happen overnight, we must stay strong and determined


You don’t need to be an expert, everyone’s voice is valued


Only by creating a community and working together we can create change


We share ideas and actions that are easy for people to understand and do