Recycling Series Tip 4: Lids, tops, caps and stuff like that

For all those bits and bobs that you’re never really sure about – are they rubbish? Are they recycling? The answer may be here…

The legends at The Environment Centre in Hastings accept all of this stuff for free!

  • HDPE 2 bottle tops
  • PP5 bottle tops and
  • containers up to 2L
  • bread tags
  • ink cartridges and toners
  • fluorescent light bulbs and tubes
  • glad wrap, ziplock bags, food storage containers
  • razors and packaging
  • batteries
  • coffee capsules
  • aluminium foil and trays
  • aluminium screw caps
  • oral care products
  • metal jar lids
  • metal bottle tops
  • candle waxes
  • cellphones