Recycling Series Tip 2: Plastics

I was really surprised at how much plastic I have been ‘recycling’ that doesn’t make the grade.

In Hastings District the council will only recycle two types of plastic – 1 (PET), 2 (HDPE). Everything else ends up in a landfill either here or someone else in the world.

So what does that mean that you can recycle?

  1. PET is most commonly used for soft drink and water bottles – clear and coloured bottles – in a range of sizes. Other uses of PET include cleaning containers, personal care bottles, some meat trays, punnets for berries and tomatoes, and plastic clam shells for muffins and baked goods.
  2. HDPE is most commonly used for dairy containers such as milk and cream bottles, and SOME ice-cream containers, juice bottles, shampoo, cleaning and detergent bottles.

And that’s it folks!

PS. Big thanks to Waipā District Council for such informative resources!