Recycling Series: 5 tips to nail recycling

I have only just started my recycling journey in earnest. It all felt so confusing and complicated. Plus we don’t have council recycling pickup which made it even easier to chuck everything in the wheelie bin.

But I couldn’t carry on like that. And there is absolutely no point in recycling if I don’t do it right. So I have done my research and will share what I have found with you all over the next few weeks.



To start with there are some rules:

For council recycling (including transfer stations)

  • Clean/rinsed or free from yuk stuff (food, waste, dirt etc)
  • No rubbish
  • Nothing bigger than 4L
  • No soft plastics
  • No lids!

For soft plastics recycling:

  • Clean, dry and empty
  • No compostable plastic bags or plant based plastics

NB. A lot of these tips are for Hastings District only. To further complicate things, different councils have different rules, so check here to be sure