I’m focusing on small things – Lucy Dobbs

Hi my name is Lucy and I have been struggling with the looming problem of climate change and what to do about it. It is actually completely overwhelming.

I am trying to focus on small things like recycling everything from soft plastics to bread tags, and my latest discovery in this great little town is ordering milk every week from Origin Earth NZ.

It comes in a glass bottle, just like when I grew up – there is even cream at the top!! It is amazing, not only is there no plastic but I am also sourcing milk that has come from just down the road (not all over the country and through a distribution centre).

You have to buy the bottles upfront ($3), but once that is done it is just the cost of the refill ($4) and the delivery cost – which I am sharing with my lovely neighbour. It is such a great service and they are super helpful – thank you Origin Earth.

#itisthelittlethings (NB. it is pasteurised).