I’m ditching wrapping paper – Deb Smith

Hi, I am Deb Smith and I am doing less by ditching wrapping paper. It’s the worst. Most of it isn’t recyclable, and even worse than wrapping paper is glitter, which can end up in oceans harming sea creatures.

It’s a lot of waste for a 60 second experience.

But before you start shrieking Grinch, how about wrapping presents with something useful like a really good tea towel or a pillow case (with its mate included) and some great string.

Outlet shops like Città have great tea towels and pillow cases. Trade Aid New Zealand is a feel-good option for cheap but beautiful string options. And it’s so much quicker and easier than the papery way.

EDITORS NOTE: Deborah Smith (MNZM for services to children and art) is a respected photographer who founded Cloud Workshop, which runs art workshops for bereaved children and those with life-threatening illnesses in their family.