Combating global waste from the fashion industry – Jemima Christie

Hi, my name is Jemima Christie and I started Nice Things for Nil as a way of combating the global waste problem from the fashion industry.

My DO LESS idea was to use the system that a local food bank already had to redistribute clothing to the wider community at a fast rate. Allowing anyone to have access to good quality clothing.

As a young person I hear a lot of talk about the negatives and issues with the fashion industry but I never really see people change anything. People will talk about brands that use improper labour conditions and the cost of mass production but would they actually change anything?

When I met the founder of Nourished for Nil Christina McBeth and pitched the idea she was supportive, and my journey began.

The amount of good quality clothing that people had in their homes that they didn’t use was immense. We dispersed hundreds of items and allowed people to stop buying fast fashion clothing.

Now we do these ‘pop ups’ every couple of months and use students from all around Hawke’s Bay to volunteer to keep the effort going.