Project DO LESS

We know that climate change is terrifying & overwhelming, but you are not powerless. We will share simple ways to help the planet and DO LESS – minimising the waste you create & reducing the energy you use. We have to DO LESS because we can’t do NOTHING!


Somehow it’s March already. Kids are back at school, older ones are off to uni and we’ve all been racing around making it happen. So a gentle reminder from us to you – remember to DO LESS… x


Make an area in the fridge of things you need to use ASAP. So every time you open the fridge those urgent things are staring back at you. PS. that bottle of wine wouldn’t have to hang around for too long in my fridge!


Whether it’s the young mum who can’t muster the energy to make dinner, the person down the road who has lost all their enthusiasm because they’re only cooking for one, or the mate who has a big family to feed and extra food is always appreciated. When you share your leftovers, you will put a smile on someone’s face.


Make a promise to yourself and the planet

We have set a goal to get 1,000,000 New Zealanders making a promise to themselves and the planet to DO LESS.

Have a read of some of the DO LESS promises that have been made. And please join us to make your own!

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